PT. Mandiriprima Jaya Abadi

Authorized System Integrator of Mitsubishi Electric

Customize system, optimize design integration between mechanical and control system for process control or sequential control

In Food and Beverage, we highly specialized in control panel design for Automation System with PLC and HMI or SCADA system, including the mechanical design, fabrication, assembling and setting. We will design, programming, and commissioning the PLC automation system.

Totally integrated automation solution in automotive equipment:

We provide PLC CONTROL PANEL for:

  1. ANDON System for Welding Line, Trimming Line and Assembling Line.
  2. POKAYOKE System for Welding Jigs, Pick and Place Parts.
  3. Cabin Welding Jigs or Safety fence Welding Jigs integration with Welding Robot and Rotary Positioner system via cc-link, device net or Digital I/O.
  4. Loading & Unloading Conveyor System integrated with Robot Handling for pick and place between Machines.

Weighing System

We provide PLC CONTROL PANEL for:

  1. Silo/Hopper/Tank Weighing Scale
  2. Truck Scale
  3. Floor Scale and Bench Scale
  4. Custom Scale :
    • Mixer Scale
    • Bagging System
    • Continuous Scale

Robot Handling
& Robot Welding

We do Installation, Teaching & Programming robot for material transport and welding part. The robot controller will be integrated with PLC Control system for safety Interlock between equipment.


Our Automation has applied to the following company:

  • Honda Prospect Motor, PT.
  • Yutaka MFG Indonesia, PT.
  • Indomobil Suzuki International, PT.
  • Yamaha Motor MFG Indonesia West Java, PT.
  • Federal Karyatama, PT.
  • Unilever Indonesia, TBK.
  • Cargil Indonesia, PT.
  • Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, PT.
  • Sugizindo, PT.
  • Merak Energi Indonesia, PT.
  • Metindo Era Sakti, PT.
  • Astra Daihatsu Motor, PT.
  • KAO, Corp.
  • Suzuki Indomobil Motor, PT.

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